Wine Club

About our wine club...
Do you live in or near Helena? Do you find that you spend at least $25 a month on wine?
If so, you should definitely join our wine club! Here's how it works.
What you get:
A a member of our wine club, you get a 10% discount on all of our wines, on our Handmade-in- Helena chocolates, and on our gift bags and cards.
As a member, you also get our email newsletter, which lets you know about tastings and other special events.
We also track all your purchases! If you forget the name of that lovely red you enjoyed a couple of months ago, we can hunt it down for you.
Note that we do NOT force you to buy a "wine of the month." Your discount applies to every wine in our store!
How to join:
When you decide to join, you buy some wine on your credit card and fill out our form (Want to fill it out right now? Here ya go! Bring it in at your convenience.) That's it! On the first day of the month, we will bill your credit card $25 dollars.
ALL of your $25 goes toward wine. We do not charge dues or membership fees of any sort. Your $25 simply pays ahead for your next bottle or two.
You don't lose it if you don't use it. We set up an account for you in our POS system, and credit that account with $25 when we charge your card on the first of the month. If you do not use all of your credit in any given month, your credit simply rolls over to the next month. If you choose, you may let that accumulate. (We have members who are snowbirds who do exactly that.)
The not-so-bad news:
Members do not get a further discount on case purchases. (A case is 12 bottles.) But if you are interested in buying by the case, let's chat! Sometimes we can work out discounts with suppliers on multi-case purchases.
We do ask that you try our club for at least three months. After that you may cancel at any time. If you are a species of snowbird, you may halt your membership when you migrate and renew it on your return; or you may let your credit accumulate. It's your choice.
How to leave:
It's our job to make you happy. If you join and after three months you decide our club does not work for you, no hard feelings, we still want to be your friends: we just stop the monthly billing. You can, if you wish, continue to get our newsletter, and we will continue to track your purchases.
And of course, you do not lose any credit which exists in your account at that time. In fact, you do not lose your 10% discount until that credit is gone. We still want to help you find good wines to enjoy.

There! That's how our club works. We hope it works for you.